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I just finished listening to the audio book of “The Art of Asking” by Amanda Palmer who became famous for her TEDTalk in which she said something like – perhaps we ought to think about, not how do we MAKE people pay for music, but how do we LET people pay for music. That made me think about the new audiobook I made of the Tei book. How do I make it as easy to listen to Tei’s story as it is to listen to music?

Just like music, audiobooks have almost become a required staple of many busy people. Audiobooks are easy to load, listen to while we do all the mundane chores of our lives — driving, washing dishes, writing blogs. In fact, I am listening to an audiobook now as I write this blog. (Haruki Murakami’s “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running”).

This month, I plan to explore where I can distribute the audiobook version of Tei. I hope to let readers/listeners access the audiobook for free or a low fee. If you have any suggestions, please use the contact form here to share your ideas. Thanks!


TEI Soon to be an Audiobook


I love storytellers but when was the last time you heard one? The next best thing are audio books. You can enjoy stories while driving, doing chores and relaxing at night. A human voice telling  a story, conveying emotion through tones and  rhythm as well as words. This summer, Tei will be read by the translator, Nanako Mizushima, and produced by Two Tigers Studio in Boulder.

Additional Resources


A Curious Madness: An American Combat Psychiatrist, a Japanese War Crimes Suspect, and an Unsolved Mystery from World War II, by Eric Jaffe, Schribner (2014)

The Gods Left First: The Captivity and Repatriation of Japanese POWs in Northeast Asia, 1945-1956 by Andrew E. Barshay, University of California Press (September 2, 2013)

Year Zero: A History of 1945, by Ian Buruma, The Penguin Press. (September 26, 2013)

Under the Black Umbrella, Voices from Colonial Korea 1910 – 1945, by Hildi Kang, Cornell University Press (2001)

YouTube videos

Two film of Tokyo, Japan in the 1930’s.
Manchukuo (Manchuria) 1938

Wikipedia articles.


Some of the Serious Conditions in Japan After World War II

Tei Honored as Notable Book

Tei book selected as Notable Book by Shelf Unbound Magazine

2014 Best Book Notable Indie
2014 Best Book Notable Indie

SHELF Unbound magazine

I am writing to let you know that Tei is being honored as a Shelf Unbound Notable Book in the category of Memoirs…in our December/January issue. We received nearly a thousand entries this year, and it was a very competitive field. Congratulations to you..

Margaret Brown
Shelf Media Group
National Book Critics Circle Lifetime Member


Thanks for Your Reviews

Tei has been generating positive reviews in Amazon where there are 17 five-star reviews as of this date, and in Goodreads where Tei has earned an average 4.81 star rating with 26 ratings and 18 reviews. Thank you for your comments and reviews.

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Thank you

Thanks to almost six hundred readers who signed up for the Goodreads book giveaway.  The fifteen free books have been mailed out to the lucky winners all over the U.S.  We look forward to comments from these readers as well as anyone interested in Tei’s survival story.

Please add your comments to the reviews already posted on the page for Tei, a Memoir of the End of War and Beginning of Peace.

We are especially interested in hearing from those of you who have a direct personal connection with the events of Tei’s memoir. For some, this book has opened the door to painful memories. Memories which will illuminate a part of history many have not heard of.

Thank you for sharing your personal and complex emotions from that difficult time in our world history.