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In Japan, movies, television dramas and plays have been produced based on Tei Fujiwara’s memoir 流れる星は生きている (Nagareru Hoshiwa Ikiteiru)

Stills from the movie

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Excerpt from the original movie.

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If you’ve seen some of these productions, what were your impressions?


Reviews in Japan

Tei Fujiwara’s memoir was published in Japan over 60 years ago under the title –  流れる星は生きている (Nagareru Hoshiwa Ikiteiru), and her book continues to be on the best seller list. On July 1, 2014 Amazon Japan page for the book showed over 60 reviews averaging 5 stars. (Screen shot below of page translated into English)

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Why do you think Tei’s story continues to remain popular in japan, sixty years after it was first published?